Friday, June 27, 2008

entry 100


Anonymous said...

love... makes the world go round...

João Baptista said...

The 4th foto is amazing

Anonymous said...

The 4th - the duo is good, agreed, yes...
But - BUT - the butts in the 5th foto - !!!! - BOING!
That's the JACKPOT! It's Megamillions & Powerball rolled all into one! (When there at their record-breaking tops!)
I want to be
THEIR butt-breaking, record-breaking TOPS - I want to clone myself so I can be twins, power-driving, power-balling simultaneously into those 2 perfect cans!
God, who are they? Anybody know? Are there follow-up pix - when they do 'it'? Do they do it? Oh, God, if they don't, what an unforgiveable SIN! What a waste of perfection!
Look, there are hundreds - no,
1000s, of magnificent musclemen on ADMIRE - but these bodybuilders' butts are the best in existence!