Monday, October 20, 2008

entry 155


DaZou said...

belle recherche, belle mise en scène, hot and gorgeous, bravo!

mr.t said...

what a delight, a series of white.
thank you for your share.

nico said...

more men in white here

João Baptista said...

great cup of coffee

Jésus said...

pues todos los chicos tienen cuerpaso,y si que son un postre.

Anonymous said...

At least 67 wonderful physiques - of the real men (as opposed to drawings - or swans or cupcakes, etc) the black bb (7 down from the White Knight banner) i sgorgeous - & his expression, his eyes, so soulful!
The young man (looks most like Rob Sager - is it he?) w the sheer drapes & the glimpse of the pool beyond, outside - so dreamy... Imagine having been there w him, having him as your Lover. Your eager, willing Lover!
(If it was Rob Sager, bless his soul! I won't say, may he rest in peace, bcs you don't 'rest' in the Spirit World - at least any more than you do here in the 'physical' world. You do what you need to do to continue evolving spiritually. So I say: May he be surrounded by & bathing in, the Pure Light that is God, & infused with the Perfect unconditional Love - that is God.)