Monday, December 29, 2008

entry 166


Mr.T said...

WOW. This entry drips of sensual sexiness.....

Joao Baptista said...

welcome back We miss U

Anonymous said...

thank you again !
and: a very nice, lovely and happy new year!

XanFactor said...

this one incredible collection you got...


Roy Manseras said...

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Terrycloth robes are made to remove said...

The next to last pic: guy w his white robe* open: SEXY!
Yet...would love it more if we got to see his face - who he is; see him naked - see if the rest of him is as fine as his kissable pecs & abs.

* love terrycloth robes; they look so good on a beautiful muscular male body; & when you (or he) remove(s) the robe there is an extra electrical/sexual jolt! As wonderful as the terrycloth feels to your fingers - the fit physique is a thousand times better to bury yourself in, to embrace, to clasp unto hear him moaning, "Oh, G-d, yes! Don't stop! OH, yes...Yes...YES...Y E S !!!

Anonymous said...

Men 6 & 7; the guy holding his glutes & the guy w the clenched fists, whose wrists are tied behind him, attached to his belt...
Can anyone id them?
I can live without knowing, but their butts would be nice to the Biblical sense.